Glapwell Parish Council - Asbestos Case Study

The newly appointed Parish Clerk, Nicki Senior, could not locate any asbestos information for the Glapwell Centre and was concerned for the safety of staff, visitors and maintenance contractors.

Despite the Control of Asbestos Regulations being in force for a number of years now, it is still not uncommon for individuals to face this problem. Either the surveys that were completed previously have been lost or the property has just slipped through the net. If you face this problem, it is important to understand the full requirements of managing your asbestos.

The property was a community centre and sports facility available for private hire, for functions and sporting activities as well as community events. The sports facility section was constructed and opened in the early 1990’s, but the function room was of a much earlier construction.

Nicki engaged with various asbestos surveying companies to commission an asbestos survey of the property. With the concerns Nicki had, DMG Asbestos Management attended site to offer some advice and guidance and to fully scope the survey. We explained the process and the importance of creating the asbestos management plan as well as surveying the property.

DMG Asbestos Management were commissioned to carry out the survey. Asbestos was identified to various flooring materials and textured coatings in the older section of the property. The materials were in good condition and there was no immediate risk.

Through discussions with the Clerk, an Asbestos Management Plan was produced which outlines the Parish Council’s procedures to manage their Asbestos risk.

Access was provided to the Online Asbestos Management System to key members of staff as well as a contractor’s log in. This allows those individuals and any contractor attending site to review the Asbestos Register and the Asbestos Management plan and ensure they are not putting themselves or others at risk of exposure to Asbestos fibres.

Asbestos Awareness Training was also made available to key staff as well as a toolbox talk outlining the findings of the survey and the ongoing requirements.

Nicki and the Parish Council now have access to a complete Asbestos Management tool. At the click of a button they can produce the latest version of their site-specific Asbestos Management Plan combined with the latest Asbestos Register.

They also have DMG Asbestos Management on hand for any future reviews, guidance and advice.

‘DMG Asbestos Management should be the only company you contact to help with your asbestos management needs! Service was second to none from first contact to completion of the job. Professional and reassuring we can now operate with full confidence and compliance. So thorough they found places in our building I didn’t even know existed! Not only was the service offered the best, their pricing was better than the other quotes received. Business or domestic use this firm with full confidence’

Nicki Senior – Parish Clerk