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DMG Asbestos Management utilise the ‘Simple Compliance’ Asbestos module to consolidate and host asbestos register information.

Asbestos Online Management

Existing asbestos information can be imported into the system to allow for the ongoing management of asbestos through the ‘Simple Compliance’ Asbestos module.

Unlike other asbestos systems, the ‘Simple Compliance’ Asbestos module is written and developed from a duty-holder’s perspective, which ensures the efficient management of asbestos within your estate and allows you to share up-to-date information with staff and contractors.

The software also provides comprehensive surveying functionality (compliant with HSE guidelines) allowing interaction directly into the system, ensuring your asbestos registers are updated automatically and instantly after surveys, re-inspections or the removal/remediation of asbestos containing materials. The system archives a historical record of each item, area and location following any updates captured during a site visit.

The module holds all information needed for a traditional asbestos “register”, but then allows you to store additional information, for instance building certificates and air monitoring paperwork, to ensure you have all your asbestos related information in one place.

Intuitive dashboards and reports make it very easy for you to see the current state of your asbestos compliance, manage remedial actions and monitor project workload.

‘Simple Compliance’ Asbestos module is designed to allow non-technical staff and contractors to easily navigate the central, classified property register. You can also drill down to specific rooms and to specific inspection points. The system also highlights areas where access should be restricted.

Remedial actions can be generated at any point during a site visit. The actions and recommendations can be viewed centrally and following the production of a specification, be submitted and progressed with specialist contractors culminating in the update of the register following the completion of the works.

In addition to the Asbestos module, the Simple Compliance system offers modular solutions for other areas of property management including:

Property Compliance, Fire Risk Assessment, Audits & Assessments, Permit to Work Systems, COSHH Assessments, Accidents & Incidents, Legionella Risk Assessment & Management and Training Competence Records.

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