Online Asbestos Data Management

Is it possible to manage your asbestos with hard copy or pdf reports?

The answer is yes, if you are managing one or two properties with small amounts of asbestos.

If you maintain multiple properties, then there are many benefits to hosting your information online.

One of the main requirements for an asbestos register is your ability to update it if anything changes. Changes could be in the form of a change in condition to a material, additional samples being taken, intrusive surveys being carried out or asbestos being removed from a property. Recording these changes on a hard copy or pdf report could become challenging if multiple changes are required over several years.

With online asbestos registers you will have the ability to make unlimited updates and then present the latest findings to staff and contractors. You will also retain a historical record of the changes made, effectively your evidence of managing asbestos.

We have witnessed situations when attending site and upon requesting to see the asbestos register, the site manager presenting six hard copies and saying, ‘which one do you want?’, all different, dating back to various site visits. A similar situation with pdf reports, various reports ranging from the initial management survey, to a re-inspection report and a couple of targeted surveys then another re-inspection report. Piece the information together to try and understand what asbestos is contained within the building.

With online registers you will always be viewing the latest information.

Online asbestos registers provide the easiest solution for staff and contractors to access this key information. As well as the ability to access the information away from site, you will also retain audit logs of who has accessed the system, when they accessed the system and what sites they reviewed.

We have found that individuals find it easier to search and filter through an online register, you will have the ability to refine your search by a building, floor, location giving you and your contractors a clear picture of any risks prior to carrying out any works.

In addition to the above key features, many systems also boast other benefits.

Storing key site information in one place, asbestos air monitoring certificates, survey reports, audits. But also, key corporate information, policy documents, asbestos management plan.

In summary, if you really want to take control of managing your asbestos, invest some time and expense in a quality online asbestos system, the benefits will save you time and money in the long term.

But don’t forget, a system is only as good as the information that is entered and maintained. Make sure you have the right team, with the right experience to manage and control your asbestos data.

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