Monkey Park Team

Monkey Park Community Hub in Brampton, Chesterfield, is a not for profit organisation, which includes a café, co-work space, bike workshop, space hire and hosts community events.

They strive to improve the local community by bringing people together & supporting their efforts to change the area. They employ and pay people for jobs they do at Monkey Park & strive to make sure they are enhancing the local community economy.

We were able to assist the organisation when they discovered that an asbestos cement flue pipe was the source of a water leak in the property and needed to be rectified as part of ongoing refurbishment works.

Monkey Park Asbestos Removal

We were happy to help such a good community project, but its always nice to get good feedback. This is what they had to say.

Local firm DMG Asbestos Management helps Monkey Park Community Hub clean up! The hub had a really difficult problem as an old asbestos cement flue pipe on the back of the building was enabling water to leak through the back wall. It needed sorting before the new disabled toilet was completed. DMG really helped out by stepping forward to remove the flue as a charitable gesture. Thanks lads & we’d definitely recommend you to anyone with an asbestos problem.

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