Barrow Hill Community Trust

Barrow Hill Community Trust were taking on an ambitious renovation project of the old Memorial Hall. Although there were some historic asbestos records, a full asbestos survey could not be located and they were concerned for the safety of volunteers, visitors and  contractors.

After the Great War, 76 man and boys from Barrow Hill and Hollingwood never came home. In 1920, Charles Paxton Markham offered to give the Workmen’s Hall at Barrow Hill to the community as a Peace Hall. He said that “The memorial should incorporate something which would alleviate the lives of the wives, the sons, brothers, and husbands….”. In 1924 the Barrow Hill Memorial Hall was conveyed to the trustees.

Barrow Hill Band

To this day the Memorial Hall, even in it’s run down state, acts as a community hub offering, social space and a food bank. The refurbishment project is looking to bring the hall back to it’s former glory offering the local community greater facilities and support.

DMG Asbestos Management Limited were engaged by the trustees to provide initial advice and guidance and subsequently carried out the following:

  • Completed a refurbishment asbestos survey of the property in line with the proposed scope of work.
  • Produced an asbestos management plan for the ongoing management of the identified asbestos containing materials.
  • Provided Online access to the asbestos register and asbestos management plan.
  • Produced an asbestos removal specification in line with the proposed scope of works.
  • Carried out the removal of the required asbestos containing materials.
  • Updated the asbestos register following the removal works.
  • Identified the remaining asbestos risk and the requirements for ongoing management.

The trustees have confidence that they can progress with their project without placing themselves or others at risk of exposure to asbestos.

DMG Asbestos are looking forward to returning to the Memorial Hall upon completion of the renovation works. A satisfying project for a worthy cause.