Glapwell Parish Council

The newly appointed Parish Clerk, Nicki Senior, could not locate any asbestos information for the Glapwell Centre and was concerned for the safety of staff, visitors and maintenance contractors. Despite the Control of Asbestos Regulations being in force for a number of years now, it is still not uncommon for individuals to face this problem. […]

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Asbestos Removal (Well the Easy Bits)

Asbestos Removal is the biggest area of the asbestos industry and has been around the longest. Standards have improved, overall, in recent years, but you can still fall foul of bad practice if certain factors are not considered or documented. The most important factor is understanding and documenting the Scope of Works. [* See our […]

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Asbestos Survey, Survey, Survey……??

You can’t deny that Asbestos surveys are a fundamental part of complying with the Asbestos Regulations, but Regulation 4 is the ‘Duty to Manage’ not the ‘Duty to Survey’. We will run through a few scenarios that we have experienced over the years. Targeted Surveys – Targeted surveys are useful when you are looking to […]

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Midlands Air Ambulance Charity Event

Such a wonderful time had at the fundraiser for Midlands Air Ambulance. DMG Asbestos Management were delighted to be invited to raise funds for such an amazing charity. Huge well done to Jade O’Saye and Fiona Fraser Bell for organising the event which raised in excess of £4000! If you would like to donate, you […]

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How Intrusive should an Asbestos Refurbishment Survey be?

The simple answer is as intrusive as is required to cover any areas where building materials could be disturbed as part of the refurbishment works. The difficult question is how will you ensure that the surveyor has the correct level of access? One important factor is the Scope of Works. How do you expect a […]

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Asbestos Awareness Training

We are pleased to announce that DMG Asbestos Management is now offering online ‘Asbestos Awareness Training’ through our training partner Cloudtrainer. The course seamlessly blends interactive tests, traditional questions and on-screen presenters. The course is approved by IATP (Independent Asbestos Training Providers). Once registered the training is available 24/7 and due to it’s modular nature […]

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Asbestos Management Plan, Keep It Simple…..

Asbestos Management Plans are a fundamental part of Regulation 4 – Duty to Manage Asbestos in Non Domestic Premises , in fact the whole emphasis is on ‘MANAGING’ your Asbestos. This, however, doesn’t mean that it must be a 100-page document that covers every aspect of your business. If you look at the example Asbestos […]

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Making the Most of Asbestos Re-inspections

Monitoring and recording the condition of known asbestos containing materials, ‘Asbestos Re-Inspections’ , is a key element in the dutyholders responsibilities under Regulation 4 – Duty to Manage Asbestos. But are you making the most of this opportunity to review how asbestos is managed at a site level and the opportunity to improve your Asbestos […]

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