Textured Coatings & Asbestos

What is Artex? Artex is a material applied to a surface (walls and ceilings) which allowed decorators to add a texture to it for decorative purposes, with the most common patterns being swirls, stipples, fans. Where did the name Artex come from? Artex was a company formed in 1935, there are differing theories relating to […]

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Barrow Hill Community Trust

Barrow Hill Community Trust were taking on an ambitious renovation project of the old Memorial Hall. Although there were some historic asbestos records, a full asbestos survey could not be located and they were concerned for the safety of volunteers, visitors and  contractors. After the Great War, 76 man and boys from Barrow Hill and […]

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Asbestos Removal (Well the Easy Bits)

Asbestos Removal is the biggest area of the asbestos industry and has been around the longest. Standards have improved, overall, in recent years, but you can still fall foul of bad practice if certain factors are not considered or documented. The most important factor is understanding and documenting the Scope of Works. [* See our […]

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Asbestos – The Importance of a Scope of Works

One of the most important factors to get right when it comes to Asbestos Management is a detailed and appropriate Scope of Works. By definition, the Scope of Works is the area in an agreement where the work to be completed is described. The Scope of Works should detail any key milestones/timescales, reports including expected […]

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